Monday, March 2, 2009

Artist Ryohei Hase is a Japanese illustrator. His work is haunting with dark,painstakingly painted imagery straight from your subconscious. Heplays with the idea of bondage and displays this fetish in a most instinctual manor in the "Bound series" I find his work very provcative.

This is the work of my good friend Gregg Turner who grew up in California in the sixties and is a direct result of that time period. he works with found art and assemblage, combined with painting. He also helped to found a new gallery and artist commune in Marfa Texas called Tille Arts
Carolein Smit is a successful practicing artist from the Netherlands who shows all over Europe. This pic is a Teepot man who has been skinned and decorated with gold luster. She deals with classic imagery like Mary Magdalen,but takes it to the extreme!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beth Robinson is a successfully doll peddler who has been showing her dolls all over Europe and the U.S. since 2003. She is a self taught artist from England who began her career as an oil painter. I love her take on the creepiness we all sometimes feel around dolls,she definitely pushes the phobia!

This is an example of mumification in ancient Egypt. I have been researching different forms of mummification, both natural, and cerimonial for my project.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Art Student Kittiwat Unarrom brings horror to life in his Tai bakery! His father was a bread maker so it was a natural evolution for Kitt to use his inherited bread making skills to create his gruesome art. These realistic body parts are sold at the shop and completely edible!!:)
Paul Booth is the premiere black and grey tattoo artist in the world!! He also creates disturbing multimedia art work at his studio Last Rights in New York.